Terre Natale Calculator

This project is a character sheet manager for the homebrew role playing game system Terre natale, which have quite complex character creation rules.

Design Principle

The calculator was build witht the following in mind:


When the Terre Natale system was introduced to me, the first thing that struck me was the complexity of the skills assignment rules. Each skill can have experience assigned to it, and the sum of assigned experience is used to compute the stats. However, each skill's experience can influence multiple stats, which ends up being a nightmare to keep track of.

So, just after our first game, my SO and myself started working on the project, in order to simplify stats calculation. We did a quick job in Windows Forms, without saves or special characters attributes like race or class.

Over the following months, the calculator expanded and changed with the game system, introducting a save system, customisation of attributes, class bonus calculation, an installer... We even ported the system over to WPF, separating it into two projects, the Core calculation based on the Winform version, and the presentation layer.

In the end, this ended up being an important lesson on software design, project management and workload sharing. Now that the Terre Natale system is undergoing a complete rework, the project is not updated anymore but, depending on our GM, it may see a revival someday.

Download and screenshots

All the code and releases are available on Github

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